This is Tomorrow: Tracey Emin: She Lay Down Deep Beneath the Sea, reviewed

‘Art is like a lover. No matter how good the lover is, it’s not going got be good every time’, says Tracey Emin at the opening of her new show, She Lay Down Deep Beneath the Sea.
Though perhaps unintentionally, the statement forms a fitting analogy for the show at Margate’s Turner Contemporary Gallery.
From her words at the press conference, it’s clear that the Mad Trace from Margate of the 90’s has given way to a woman preoccupied with age, menopause and loneliness. There’s no familiar sour remembrances of promiscuity-and-rape-on-sea. ‘The girl is gone – she’s never coming back’, says Emin.
Read a full review of the show in my piece for This Is Tomorrow

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