JoyZine: Glam: where are we now?

‘Glam was always more than a visual style, and can be meaningfully understood as an attitude or state of mind, its expression inseparable from its cultural and societal context.’
Darren Pih, curator of Glam! The Performance of Style.


Ever since David Bowie’s airwave-shaking, pre-breakfast announcement that he was releasing his first single in a decade, ‘Where Are We Now’, the precursor to the beautifulThe Next Day album, the scene was set to celebrate not just Bowie, but the performative, playful and daftly posturing side of pop he helped to create.

In this piece for Joyzine, I look at London’s current glam scene in the wake of the new Bowie album, the Bowie V&A show and Tate Liverpool’s Glam! The Performance of Style exhibition that have collectively catalyzed a renewed interest in the genre’s style and music. Read the full article here.

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